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November Snack Schedule

November 1st: AM Kaitlyn PM Sam

November 2nd: AM Khalil PM Eidee

November 3rd: AM Scarlet PM Samari

November 6th: AM Willow PM Clara

November 7th: AM Chloe PM Kiki

November 8th: AM Kaavya PM Jones

November 9th: AM Levi PM Amelia

November 14th: AM Lillia PM Winnie

November 15th: AM Marlon PM Theo

November 16th: AM Maya PM Remy

November 17th: AM Mela PM Mathilda

November 20th: AM Nolan PM Ellie

November 21st: AM Owen PM Alice

November 22nd: AM Ruby PM Ava

November 23rd: AM Sachin PM Bodhi

November 24th: AM Stella PM Claire

November 27th: AM Sutton PM Cyrus

November 28th: AM Danny PM Emma

November 29th: AM Ethan PM Irene

November 30th: AM Emily PM Jericho

October Snack Schedule

October 2nd: AM Lillia PM Kinkaid

October 3rd: AM Marlon PM Jones

October 4th: AM Maya PM Aiden

October 5th: AM Mela PM Amelia

October 10th: AM Nolan PM Winnie

October 11th: AM Owen PM Theo

October 12th: AM Ruby PM Remy

October 13th: AM Sachin PM Alice

October 16th: AM Stella PM Ava

October 17th: AM Sutton PM Bodhi

October 18th: AM Danny PM Claire

October 19th:  AM Ellie PM Cyrus

October 23rd: AM Emily PM Emma

October 24th: AM Ethan PM Irene

October 26th: AM Flora PM Jericho

October 27th: AM Jamie R. PM Keshin

October 30th: AM Jamie S. PM Logan

October 31st: AM Jovan PM Otis

September Snack Schedule 2017

September 11th: AM Danny PM Alice

September 12th: AM Ellie PM Ava

September 13th: AM Emily PM Bodhi

September 14th: AM Ethan PM Claire

September 15th: AM Flora PM Cyrus

September 18th: AM Jamie R. PM Emma

September 19th: AM Jamie S. PM Irene

September 20th: AM Jovan PM Jericho

September 21st: AM Kaitlyn PM Keshin

September 22nd: AM Khalil PM Logan

September 25th: AM Scarlet PM Otis

September 26th: AM Willow PM Sam

September 27th: AM Chloe PM Eidee

September 28th: AM Kaavya PM Samari

September 29th: AM Levi PM Clara

September to December Calendar 2017

September 5th: Classes commence for all returning students

September 6th: Gradual entry begins for new students

October 3rd: Parent Night (An Introduction to the Montessori Classroom) 6:00 p.m.

October 6th: School closed (no classes)

October 9th: Thanksgiving Day (no classes)

October 20th: Professional Day (no classes)

October 25th: Fieldtrip to Southlands Farm Pumpkin Patch

October 31st: Halloween Party

November 10th: School closed. (no classes)

November 13th: Remembrance Day Holiday (no classes)

November 20th: C.A.M.P. Annual General Meeting 6:00 p.m.

December 21st: Last day of classes before the holiday break

December 22nd: Holiday Party      Morning Class: 10:30 Afternoon Class: 1:00 p.m.

December 27th: Winter vacation begins

January 8th: School re-opens after winter vacation


Please note: Some dates may be added for fieldtrips. If this occurs parents will be given at least two weeks advance notice.


In September 2010 Community Montessori adopted the new Vancouver School Board calendar. This allowed for extra closure days while extending each class by 15 minutes.






Healthy Snack Ideas for Parents

Looking for snack ideas?
CAMP recommends including at least one fruit and one vegetable plus another snack choice. Community Montessori Preschool is nut free. Please ensure no nuts are included in the snack you are providing. Thank you.
Healthy Snack Choice Ideas:

  • Whole grain crackers with cheese
  • Sandwiches on whole grain bread
  • Mini pita bread filled with cheese and vegetables
  • Bagels and cream cheese
  • Tortilla roll ups
  • Homemade sugar reduced muffins, loaves or scones
  • Pizza or mini pizzas

Parents are always welcome to come in and cook or bake with the children. Please check with a staff member prior to planning a specific day. If you have any questions regarding snack ideas please talk to a staff member.