Special Programs

The goal of Montessori education is to develop to the fullest the three aspects of the child’s nature – body, mind, and spirit. The special programs at CMCC help enhance our educational objectives.

Music Program. Learning music happily involves body, mind, and spirit and can, therefore, be a highly integrating force in the development of our students’ varied personalities. Our wonderful music program is facilitated by Christine Mizuguchi who teaches the elements of music from rhythm and pitch, to timbre and form, in a variety of ways. Christine’s music-making instruction involves a physical activity (moving, singing, playing), produced by mental direction (matching a pitch or rhythmic pattern), to convey a sentiment or idea.

French Program. At CAMP, we recognize that understanding the world in which we live helps us become well-rounded people who are able to participate meaningfully in everything we choose. An introduction to second language acquisition is one of the most important elements for providing this opportunity. We are fortunate that we can learn more about our nation and culture by studying French and, with our French teacher, Christine Mizuguchi, we believe our students become fuller citizens of the world. The enthusiasm and interest in French expressed by our students is a pleasure to observe and a direct credit to Christine’s warm and creative teaching style. The interest expressed in Francophone culture and learning to speak French reflects both acceptance and the appreciation for other cultures and languages at CMCC.