The Montessori Learning Environment

The Montessori learning environment is much different than the traditional model. Instead of information passing from the teacher to the student, the teacher is skilled in putting the child in touch with the environment, and helping him or her learn to make intelligent choices and to carry out research in a prepared environment.

Montessori is a way of being – it does not stop and start at specific times or only occur indoors. Indoor and outdoor environments provide rich learning experiences for our students. Montessori Activities are purposeful, real and have a cycle of activity. The Montessori environment is orderly and structured to simply enable the child to make independent choices for their learning.

Our Montessori learning environment at CAMP is arranged according to subject area: cooking, cleaning, gardening, art, caring for animals, library corner, math and science, etc. Our students are always free to move around the room instead of staying at desks. There is no limit to how long a child can work on something he or she has chosen. At any one time in a day all subjects, from practical work, math, language, science, history, and geography to art and music, will be being studied, at all levels, by children of mixed ages. In this environment, our students learn from each other, facilitated by the careful observation, individual lessons, record keeping, and guidance of our professional teachers.

Our building is spacious and bright with spectacular views of the North Shore mountains through our many windows. A covered porch allows us to conduct yoga and other programs in warmer weather, outside.

Our son attended CAMP for three years, culminating with his Kindergarten year. We have loved the inclusiveness of this preschool environment and have appreciated the fact that family and cultural diversity was always honoured and respected. Our son has been lucky to have physical activity, yoga, music and French lessons throughout his years at CAMP, and we also appreciate the teacher’s educating the whole child. We were sad when it came time to say goodbye to this special place!”

—Taz Ismail and Julia Clark