June Snack Schedule

June 1st: AM Nathan PM Aly

June 2nd: AM Lucie PM Emma

June 5th: AM Sky PM Annabel

June 6th: AM Poppy PM Aila

June 7th: AM Willow PM Claire

June 8th: AM Natalie PM Jericho

June 9th: AM Inez PM Oliver

June 12th: AM Orson PM Abby

June 13th: AM Noel PM Billie-Rose

June 14th: AM Jamie R. PM Keshin

June 15th: AM Noah PM Liam

June 16th: AM Sami PM Harlan

June 19th: AM Alyssa PM Elizabeth

June 20th: AM Jovan PM Cece

June 21st: AM Emily PM Eloise

June 22nd: AM Flora PM Cyrus

June 23rd: AM Kaitlyn PM Alice


Last day of classes is June 23rd.

School Picnic:  June 23rd from 4:30 to 6:30 pm at the school.

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