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November Snack Schedule

November 1st: AM Luna PM Cole

November 4th: AM Ruby PM Finn

November 5th: AM Siana PM Ned

November 6th: AM Hunter PM Edie

November 7th: AM Charlie PM Catherine

November 12th: AM Jason PM Katherine

November 13th: AM Javier PM Miriam

November 14th: AM Leo PM Sanam

November 15th: AM Kailash PM Max

November 18th: AM Liam PM Rena

November 19th: Sebastien PM Simone

November 20th: AM Stevie PM Yua

November 21st: AM Addie PM Isabella

November 22nd: AM Atlin PM Oliver

November 25th: AM Bodhan PM Rhys

November 26th: AM Bowen PM Sterling

November 27th: AM Devin PM Teemo

November 28th: AM Sachin PM Milena

November 29th: AM Winnie PM Alexis

October Snack Schedule

October 1st: AM Charlie PM Katherine

October 2nd: AM Jason PM Max

October 3rd: AM Javier PM Rena

October 4th: AM Kailash PM Sanam

October 7th: AM Leo PM Simone

October 8th: AM Liam PM Yua

October 9th: AM Sebastien PM Isabella

October 10th: AM Stevie PM Lyrah

October 15th: AM Addie PM Maelle

October 16th: AM Atlin PM Naya

October 17th: AM Bodhan PM Oliver

October 18th: AM Bowen PM Rhys

October 21st: AM Devin PM Sterling

October 22nd: AM Ethan PM Teemo

October 23rd: Fieldtrip to Maplewood Farm

October 24th: AM Harvey PM Milena

October 28th: AM Jack PM Alexis

October 29th: AM Jacob PM Aspen

October 30th: AM Lauren PM Chloe

October 31st: AM Lucy PM Clover

September to December Calendar 2019

September 3rd:  Classes commence for all returning students.

September 4th: Gradual entry for new students commences.

October 8th: Parent Night (An Introduction to the Montessori Classroom)

October 11th: School closed. (no classes)

October 14th: Thanksgiving Day (no classes)

October 23rd: Fieldtrip to Maplewood Farm

October 25th: Professional Day (no classes)

October 31st: Halloween Party

November 8th: School closed. (no classes)

November 11th: Remembrance Day (no classes)

November 18th: C.A.M.P. Annual General Meeting 6:30 p.m.

December 19th: Last day of classes.

December 20th: Holiday Party  Morning Class: 10:30 a.m. Afternoon Class 1:00 p.m.

December 23rd: Winter vacation begins.

January 6th: School re-opens after winter vacation.


Please note: In September of 2010, Community Montessori Preschool adopted the Vancouver School Board calendar. This allowed for additional closure days while extending each class by 15 minutes.






Child Care Fee Reduction Initiative Program

Community Montessori School is pleased to announce that starting April 1st, 2018 we are now a part of the Fee Reduction Program. The program was implemented by the provincial government and we opted in to participate.


This program allows us to reduce our fees and pass these savings on directly to parents.


We are very excited to be a part of this very important new funding program.