In our Montessori school, children are given the opportunity to move from the concrete learning environment – through the development of motor skills and self-teaching – into the abstract world of ideas and concepts, all at their own pace.

Founded in 1984 by a group of parents who were interested in Dr. Maria Montessori’s alternate form of education, CAMP is a registered, charitable, non-profit society.


Parents and community resources contribute to and further enrich the Montessori education process. CAMP parents are encouraged to attend our workshops, participate in the Board of Directors, observe in their child’s classroom, volunteer to assist with class projects and field trips, and partake in school events.


One of our primary goals at CAMP is to cultivate our students’ own natural desire to learn. By helping the child to perfect his or her natural tools for learning, we work to foster good educational habits through Montessori education.


Our specific goals for children attending CAMP are to help them to:

  • Develop a positive attitude toward school and learning;
  • Develop a sense of high self-esteem and independence;
  • Develop concentration skills for successful study habits;
  • Foster inner discipline and a sense of order;
  • Develop habits of initiative and persistence; and
  • Acquire the basic skills necessary for a lifetime of learning in a caring, nurturing and enjoyable environment.


We invite you to further explore CAMP by contacting our Head of School, Margaret Geddes, to schedule an appointment or a viewing.
Please call 604.874.4622 for more information.

My three children attended Community Montessori School for their preschool and Kindergarten years. The teachers are kind and loving, and the classroom is a wonderful place of peace, quiet, and comfort each day. My children were always thrilled to go to school and came home sharing what I thought were incredible accomplishments for their young ages – reading skills, arts and crafts projects, yoga moves and French songs to name a few. The performances done by the children really showcased for me, as a parent, the confidence, leadership and social skills that are fostered at CAMP. I have nothing but praise for the care, attention to detail and learning that happens there every day.”

—From Kara Naish